Colours of the Rainbow - Pride Month

Nhlakanipho Khumalo
He/Him pronouns
Saratoga Springs, USA

I always knew I was a different kid growing up, kissing boys and an unusual loathe for sport. It never hit me until I was 11, when I had a crush on a TV presenter. A loud, yet gentle voice in my head echoed, “Schucks, I’m gay.”

Fully accepting my sexuality after high school was a liberating experience. I felt comfortable in my own skin, and I wanted to share that joy with the people around me. Coming out to my parents, however, was a different story. Although my friends had fully accepted my queerness, it was still met with questions and uncertainty from my parents. When religion and tradition came rampaging their thoughts, the love they have for me overcame that and they told me how they love me and are proud of me regardless.

Looking back at my high school years, I would tell myself to approach that boy who distracted me in class. Tell him how his smile was the best thing I had ever seen, that when he touched me, I felt a shock that made me lose all feeling, but that of being with him. I’d tell my younger self that it’s OK to be gay.

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