Colours of the Rainbow - Pride Month

Islamabad, Pakistan

I couldn't come out to my family, but years of being stuck inside the closet was suffocating me. I choose to tell my best friend. Homophobic comments were common insults in the society I grew up in, and my friend was no different. Often he would pass comments about people and their idiosyncrasies and I was forced to seek refuge in my laughter, fearing what he would think of me if I had told him about reality. One rainy day, watching the rain nourish the greenery around us, I looked at him and told him that I wanted to tell him something. I told him that I am bisexual and he gave me a look and then continued to gaze upon the rain. There was a couple of minutes of pin drop silence which felt like hours. He stood up and gave me a hug and shed a couple of tears and walked back to his house. Since that day, I check my texts in anticipation of his return. Someday.

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