Colours of the Rainbow - Pride Month

Greater Los Angeles Area

Coming out was tough. I came out in high school and wasn’t able to really be myself until college. It negatively affected my relationship with my mom for a very long time, but as I grew older she has accepted me for me. 

I had to isolate myself but my family was more supportive than most African families are. I’m thankful for that, but most Africans are really judgmental and hateful. I’m happy that wasn’t my family. My experience in the community is limited. I’ve never been to pride - that pretty much sums it all up (LOL). I would like to be friends with more lesbians for sure - more people that look like me. I can relate to masculine presenting Black women. I have been openly gay for over 10 years now. I would tell my younger self love yourself and to save your money! 

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