Colours of the Rainbow - Pride Month

Khumbulani Mzayiya
Cape Town, South Africa

I was call "Stabane!","Moffie" (Gay) before I could understand what those words meant. All I knew was, I was a disgrace to my family, an abomination at church and an outcast in my culture. This was because I was my mother's son rather than my father's son (a choice they said). All I ever wished for growing up was to be a boy like other boys.

To survive I had to fit-in, be "normal" otherwise my life will forever be a living hell, so I thought. It was fitting in that suffocated me and I felt like parts of me were dying. It was at age 13 that I understood that letting society define me was a prison to being Me! Authentically.

Owning up to being Queer and just being a peculiar being, gave me freedom. Freedom to explore my identity without limitations.

To my younger self: Baby boy, you are beautiful! You are powerful and you are enough! Take your experiences now as preparation for your Becoming. Celebrate the time you spend alone as they will set you apart from the rest. Thank you for not giving up. I LOVE YOU.

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